Photo Gallery


Lin Ancestral Hall in Fujian village of Erdu

Dr. Lin Dao’an and his wife, Zhan Aimei, with their children around 1913

Lin Pu-chi and his bride, Ni Guizhen, on their wedding day March 4, 1921

Class of 1920 at the Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia

A young Watchman Nee

The Rev. Lin Pu-chi in Fuzhou in 1920s

Ni Guizhen at Shanghai park in 1930s

The Lin clan of Fuzhou in 1931

Watchman Nee during trip to London in 1938

Lin brothers in Shanghai in 1930s

The Rev. Lin Pu-chi and his wife, Ni Guizhen

The author's cousins Julia and Terri around 1954

Lin Pu-chi at work at home

Paul M. Lin on the beach of Atlantic City, where he went to work as a medical intern in 1949

Terri Sun, on the far right, at commune in 1968

Lin Pu-chi with daughter Martha in Nanjing

Author's cousins, Lin Yu and KaiKai, with their grandfather

Gravestone for Lin Pu-chi and Ni Guizhen

After 30 years, Martha reunites with Paul at Shanghai airport

The author on the Great Wall in 1979

Author's photo of Tiananmen Square in 1979

Paul Lin with daughters (l to r) Jennifer, Damien and Daria

The Lin family reunion in 1979

The author and husband, Bill Stieg, with children Karl and Cory in 1997

Interviewing protestors in Hong Kong on eve of 1997 handover

A former associate of Watchman Nee with the man's prison jacket

A reporting trip in 2011; workers clear grave of author's great-grandfather